Camp Forms

There are several forms that are required to be completed in order for your child to attend Camp.  A complete registration confirmation packet will be mailed directly to your household once the registration is processed at Camp Lakotah.  Please watch for the packet to arrive around May 15th each year, or within two weeks of registering your child if you register after May 1st.

If your child will be required to take medications while at camp, either prescribed or over the counter, an Authorization to Administer Medication form will be required.  In the event you need that form or any additional forms, please contact Sandy at the camp office or by sending a contact us request form and we will be happy to send it to you.  Because our forms are color coded for our use, we ask that you refrain from making black and white copies.

A copy of the packing list will be included in your confirmation packet or also can be found in our parent handbook.  Please remember to follow the list when preparing to send your child to camp.