They're only young once!

Camp Lakotah is an intimate camp where children spend their summer days in an encouraging environment of play, learning, companionship, and fresh air.  A Camp Lakotah experience is uniquely poised to provide your child with the sense of wonder and excitement so essential to their growth and development.  Participation in a Summer Camp program has been shown to improve student achievement across core subject areas and increase engagement in learning.  In addition, getting kids outside and active promotes a healthy lifestyle.   Camp Lakotah is a camp where every camper knows every other camper and counselor.  We are a summer family.

Lakotah enjoys a beautiful, private setting nestled in the majestic pines of Little Hills Lake near Wautoma, Wisconsin.  Located on a smaller lake allows our campers the opportunity to take a refreshing dip by day and lie on the beach enjoying views of the Milky Way and the eerie call of the Barred Owl by night.

At clomid online Lakotah, we are committed to the well-rounded camper.  Although we encourage campers to excel at what they already know, we propecia online love to see them try new activities, challenge themselves, and look back and celebrate their success everyday.  

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